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You have a BYE, this means you automatically advance to the next round. The next round will start in about 30 – 40 minutes; keep an eye on the app.

Each round lasts 30 - 40 minutes, depending on the number of participants. Check the app to be on time for the next game and turn on notifications.

The tournament rules are as followed:
  • Your max. squad rating can be 82
  • Everyone including your bench has to be 75+
  • Room for extra rules

After 5 minutes, a moderator will hand out the win to the player that is present. Make sure to press start match and leave a message in the game chat, so the moderator knows that you are present.

Ask your opponent in the chat to send the correct Gamertag. Otherwise let him/her add you on the console.

The score pop-up will only show when both players press ‘’finish match’’. In case this doesn’t happen, send the correct score in the chat and add a picture of your in-game screen.

When your opponent’s team has a fault squad rating (shown top left when a match starts), please take a photo/screenshot and contact the moderator in the chat.

Both check out your individual connection and try to restart your game/console. Play the match and if someone disconnects, the other player sadly gets the win in this case.

You can chat about it with your opponent. If it’s at the start of the game, you can decide to do a rematch. If the score is already quite clear, you can decide to apply that score. If you can’t solve this with your opponent, you can ask a moderator to mediate and decide.

Both players fill in the final score. In case they don’t match, we ask both players to upload a picture of the in game screen. Based on this picture the moderator will make a decision.